Commercial Property Sales – Listings Are Everywhere If You Know What to Do

Just about every commercial real estate agent wants more listings. What is much more important though is the quality of those listings. You do not want to be known as the agent that cannot sell or lease a property. Results and performance are high on the checklist when a landlord, tenant, or investor chooses an agent to help them. Your claim to fame will be based on results.So let’s set the top 10 rules for growing your market share and converting more listings for your commercial real estate business. Here is where you can find listing opportunity:
Check out the properties that were purchased about 4 or more years ago. History shows that they will be in the next group of properties to come on the market for sale.
Check out the properties that were leased about 3 years ago. History shows that they will be the next on average to need leasing assistance.
Look at the local planning zones and any changes that could impact property interest. Each month the local planning office will likely have minutes of planning meetings. You can usually check these out for future opportunity.
Talk to the local property owners of significant and key property locations. Be their agent of choice when they need to go to market again.
Talk to owner occupiers of commercial property. What you are seeking to understand is the future need where they may expand, contract, or relocate.
Talk to all businesses in your area to see what property needs may have now or in the future.
Solicitors in your local area will be a good central source of potential clients that require property assistance. Expect them to want to check out your expertise.
Accountants always have clients with commercial property. Get to know the partners from all the major accounting businesses in your area.
Property developers require the assistance of real estate agents from time to time. The best way to connect with these people is to provide them with new development stock from which they can build.
Find other agents sale or lease boards in your area and market your own real estate services to the adjacent and nearby properties. It is remarkable how adjacent properties would like to compete with an existing listing.
This list is significant in the opportunity that it can give you both in leads and in listings. Always be selective in the property listings that you take on. To be the best real estate agent you have to attract and serve the best property listings and owners. Seek to professionally market all your listings to keep up your conversions to contracts and successful settlements.

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