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Learn Spanish: Top 3 Spanish News Sites

Reading the Spanish news is an excellent way to expand your Spanish vocabulary and improve your Spanish writing skills. There is an excellent range of Spanish news resources, covering a massive range of Spanish topics, and therefore you certainly won’t get bored or run out of stuff to read. You can tailor your reading exactly to your Spanish needs and interests. This article recommends 3 Spanish news sites which offer a fantastic amount of interesting Spanish articles, as well as my top tips on how to make the most of the resources they offer.

1. The first site I’d recommend highly is This is the home of the Spanish national television and radio online, and provides a huge wealth of useful Spanish articles, TV programmes and podcasts. The news articles are useful to help with Spanish reading although the main advantage is that the majority of articles come with a news video included – these generally last a minute or two and help you to improve your listening as well as reading. Making this association between spoken and written Spanish is essential to reach Spanish fluency.

However the television and radio programmes available on RTVE a la Carta are what sets the website apart as a Spanish learning resource. There is an archive of 4 minute news summaries with a written summary if you’re short on time; live TV and radio if you want to just be listening in the background, and finally a huge number of full length TV and radio programmes. These are split into different categories and series so it is easy to find something that interests you. The news is probably the easiest of these to understand initially with excellent clear broadcasting so this is a good place to start. The documentaries offer more in depth vocab and analysis of different topics, and the soap operas such as ‘Cuentame’ and ‘Amar en Tiempos Revueltos’ are great for training your ear to understand everyday (and often opinionated!!!) Spanish.

2. El PaĆ­s is my second recommended Spanish news site. There are a great range of articles presenting the international news in Spanish language. The site itself splits the world into different sections and all the relevant news areas such as politics, economics, culture etc. There are also Spanish blogs and an opinion section so all in all there is no Spanish news site with more extensive international news coverage.

3. BBC Mundo is the third news site I would recommend. This has a huge number of videos and short news videos so you can dip in and out. The material is also more varied and often obscure, relating to all areas of culture in the Spanish speaking world. If you don’t want to focus on Spanish news this website is a great way to fill your free time with interesting Spanish news.

There are of course many other Spanish reading resources out there and there is a collection available at

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Get Hired! Not Wired – Tips For Employment

The widely felt global warming effect of the economy has left thousands of unemployed individuals in open risk. The rate is fluctuating, rising and falling unpredictably. Even permanent employment status individual are prone to risk of losing the job. Job security is a strange subject.#According to research, employment is predicted to soar in its peak but is currently dependent on the economy. For one nation to have a high employment rate, it must be stable and strong. The fall of different business and industries resulted to the closure of employment opportunities. The labor industry is struggling to lift at least to raise the rate of employment.#For an unemployed individual, it is a question of when and how to get employed in the midst of a neck-for-neck employment competition. The slim chance of being employed leaves him hanging over the edge of the cliff,uncertain if he will be hired or not.#Ironically, the job market is in continuous search fro individuals, although the number is small, chances are, windows are still open for possibilities of employment. For an unemployed individual, this tips can help to be employed.1.try looking for networks, the best companies prefer on referrals. Make a list of people who can refer you to a job. Try calling them and ask them politely to recommend you . It is better to be honest and straightforward. This is not a good time to be too picky. Take note, there are also millions out there wanting to be hired. Once the connection is established, you can negotiate and switch to better positions later once you’ve established your name.2.If there is no employment for a currently paying jobs, go for a volunteer work. Employers would be impressed if you have done something charitable. Besides the volunteer work is fun at the same time extending help. Not only are you doing a remarkable work, you are also gaining reference for possible employment.3.Practice how to stand out from the rest. Employment is very stiff. Being elevated from the rest would be an advantage for being hired.4.When in an interview, be prepared. Employers would usually observe the way you behave and uses behavioral psychology in the process of employment screening. It is best to be real but formal. Giving an honest response helps. Employment is not just a matter of getting the job, it is a process of building a professional life. If it started with a lie, it would taint the whole process and might be taken against you in the future.5.Know about the company background. You would not like walking to the company with an empty information. Knowing something about the company makes the employer conclude that you are interested in the job and the company. Employment would positively exist when done right.6.Gather your thoughts before answering. If unemployed or has been shifting from one job to another, be prepared with the reasons and know how to stand for it. Remember, you are selling yourself in an honest way. You would not want to make a negative impression. You are looking for employment not wasting it,7.Don’t get idle looking for same jobs in case you fail. Being discourage dafter a first failure does not help at all. Take it as a challenge. There are lots of job listings to check for. Employment might be that stiff but if with right attitude, you might get the job.8.Many people just look for employment without looking if their skills are in consonance with the job they are applying for. The look for a place for employment might be difficult but it is more difficult to land to a totally strange job without the necessary skill to battle with.#Whether you are looking for a job, switching form one job to another, to be successful in the employment battle is to know thyself and the job you are looking for. Get the attitude going for employment to take place. Don’t get wired, get the employment opportunity once it is there.

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